Tips Building Self Confidence for Kids

Helping your kids building self-confidence is very important as it highly influences their character development. Children still don’t have any idea about what self-confidence is, so parents should approach them closer to see how they manage to build it. You can see their confidence by how they see themselves and their ability in doing things or tasks. Children usually have higher confidence when they have enough love and support from the people around them.

This is our task as parents to help them build their confidence so that they can bravely face challenges in every stage of their lives. Here are some tips you can practice to grow your children’s confidence.

Tips Building Self Confidence for Kids
Tips Building Self Confidence for Kids
  1. Give them a Clear Feedback

When you try to give them feedback towards their actions, just do this clearly without being critical and making them feel bad. The feedback should motivate them to be better if you talk about it clearly so they know the goal of doing things. For example when your kids tend to leave their clothes on the floor, don’t ask them why they do that, but talk to them that they can continue playing after putting them away.

  1. Help Them Change Their Negative Mindsets

Children have different mindsets, some of them are negative while some others are positive. Those with positive mindsets always think that their abilities are going to grow and they can be better whereas children with negative mindsets tend to think that their abilities are limited and not possible to be changed.

For example it might happen to those kids suffering from dyslexia that they think they will never be able to read properly because they have such disorder. Parents should motivate them that although they still cant read a book right now, they can find a way to solve this problem.

  1. Teach Them to Learn from Mistakes

Children tend to feel down when they make mistakes and it surely influences their self-esteem. You need to give them understanding that mistakes are made to be learned. They can make mistakes, but they can solve the problems in the future.

Let them know that it is fine to make mistakes so they don’t feel so down. They should know that later they can do it better after learning the causes of the mistakes. You can also provide a solution for them so they know what to do in the future to prevent the same mistakes happen.

Tips Building Self Confidence for Kids
Tips Building Self Confidence for Kids
  1. Praise them From the Process to the Result

Parents usually only praise their children when the result come out, but you actually have to start praising them when they take the process. Praising on how they try to overcome challenges will make your children more confident in doing things later. They will think that they are really capable in solving the challenges when they know you support them that much.

Some children might struggle to make progress in school because they have some learning and thinking differences. Full love and support from parents can help them develop better thinking and learning and it results in higher confidence too.